How to sell your surplus toner cartridges

How to sell your surplus toner cartridges

Know How to sell your surplus toner cartridges or unused printer parts and imaging supplies at best price.

You want best price back for your surplus unused imaging supplies and you wonder if it’s more than to just find a toner buyback company and sell your surplus toner cartridges or unused printer parts and imaging supplies? Yes, it’s more than that, if you want to get best price for your surplus toner cartridges. Some of these companies have rules or guides on what they buy which you must know.

First you will want to choose a company that spells out what they buy and what they don’t buy to avoid disappointment. Most of the best imaging supplies buyback company like have separate pages for the kind of products they buy and the those they do not buy.

Product brands:

Not all printer parts brands are accepted by all buyback companies. Each company have what brands they buy and this is different from company to company. One of the major factor is the reigning brand in the environment where these buyback companies covered.  You will need to know if the brand of products you have is among the brands company you want to sell to buys.

How to get Unused surplus toner Catridges for you to sell

Some of genuine OEM products most toner buyback company buy are Toners, Drum Units, Developer Kits, Fuser Kits, Maintenance Kits, Solid Inks, Printer Ribbons, Staples.

Toner brands popuplar Best4toners buyback include Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, IBM, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lanier Toner, Lexmark, Okidata, Panasonic, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba and Xerox.

form for selling unused toner cartridges

Printer Parts and Acceptable Conditions: 

Not all printer parts are worth buyback and not all printer part conditions are worth buyback too. Yes, most do not buy used, but buy unused printer parts and imaging supplies. The unused also have the way they are categorized based on their conditions (packaging and seal). For example, on some of these part conditions include: 

  • Open Bag and Seal Attached
  • Open Box and Sealed Bag
  • Sealed Box with Damages
  • Sealed Box with Minor Damages
  • Perfect Condition

So the price of a particular printer of the same brand varies due to different conditions of the products.

Toner Cartridges or Printer Part Expiration Date:

Expiration date of these imaging supplies or printer parts are also put into cosideration when buying back. Products with minimum 6 months to expiration date is okay. You may want to confirm with the buyback company first before you start sourcing for printer parts if your pan is to start selling in bulk.

Terms and Condition:

You need to be familiar with terms and and condition of the toner buyback company so you will be able to fulfill your side of the agreement without violation.


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